The difference between success and failure is action! Put into action, without fear, the thing you’re passionate about.

“Dreams come true are simply fearless actions.” Kristie F. Gauthreaux 


Mountain Behavior

     We have often heard the word mountain and thought about those sermons preached “Speak to it!” But what about the mountain behavior we hold as Christ believers? We dont fault, fold, or fail under storms or pressure; we always remain standing. We are not moved by men and their many steps on us, the words yelled against us in hopes for echoes, or the weather that is often unpredictable. Matter of factly, The God in us is immovable therefore we are immovable. No matter the situations, the people, the storms, we are to stand like mountains and behave as they do. Those situations and people may leave markings, carvings, and impressions but that is what makes us who we are. We prove that we have remained through it all. We have been immovable…its in our DNA. Remember who you are and behave as such. 

Psalm 96:10 The Lord Reigns! Indeed, the world is established; it shall not be moved; 

Our only time of folding is before God and His utter presence. God deserves our knees, tears, smiles, glory, and praise! 

Psalm 97:5 The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord…

We melt and are in moldable conditions with God alone. We do not allow the world to mold us, we should not conform to the world at all. God loves us and wants the privilege of building us up in Him. 

Tongue or Gum

     Sometimes people say whatever they want and never expect a response. Why is that? It’s probably because their used to you spitting blood because of all the tongue biting. When would you say it is a good time to speak your peace or defend yourself? Sometimes, all of the time, every now and then, or never? If your tongue is sore it’s a good thing to an extent. Some people aren’t worth the words that come that great mind of yours. Some situations are even worth it so you just keep your mouth closed and tame your tongue. 

     It all sounds good and spiritual and Bible following, however, a bloody tongue can cause undo stress. Maybe not every time but some of the time you just have to say something. You should be able to respond tactfully, tastefully, and respectfully. Your words in return should feed their intelligence, they should tell the situation you’re smarter than it. It’s easier said than done of course. It takes a strong love for God, a yearning for peace, and a focused will to return to the conversation with words that deflect negativity. 

     You must realize it’s not about if they will think you’re smarter when you speak. It’s not about if the situation will be taken to a more important stance. It is about the effect of your cause. It is about the change that took place. Did they learn that you are truly smarter than they are but without smelling arrogance? Did your intelligent, respectful, tactful, and tasteful response regulate the situation? If so then you win this time and maybe next time you bite down. If you didn’t satisfy that indirect expectation then continue to bite and bleed until you have mastered being master over the ignorant comments or ridiculous situations. 

     Just take in ignorance, bite down, matter of fact, chew it up so you can swallow and digest. That way you feed your intelligence and the next time you can reegirgetate all over their foolishness or the situations faultiness. Be prepared by preparing to be the smarter one and bring a gum instead of your tongue. 

What You Do For Others Won’t Last 🤔

What dreams, desires, passions, talents, or purposes have you planned to accomplish in life? What places have you set in your mind to go visit? What ideas have you thought to make reality? The answers come by the hundreds even the thousands, yet some of them never make it into the real world. Would you say its because they are bad ideas, foggy desires, or foolish passions?  Probably not, right? I would say they don’t make the cut or to the big screen of your life because someone said “That’s an okay idea”, “You think you can really do that”, “Maybe you should just stick with what you’re doing”, “Where will you get the money for that”, and the list goes on. Some people never do what they truly want to do because someone sowed a seed of discouragement or showed a lack of support.  If that be the case, then let me say, what you do on account of someone elses opinion, won’t last. God gave you the vision for your mission, therefore, your provision will come from God assigned providers.  God has assigned provision for every area, even provision for moral support. So do what you do for God, because what you do for the approval of others will not last. Only what you do for God will be eternal and receive earthly and heavenly rewards. 😎Be cool and ☺focus!


It’s a gift to be a woman, you know, being able to birth a generation and all. It’s a gift to be a mom, not just a mom to your kids but a mom that will be remembered for generations because there are: grandkids, great grandkids, great great grand kids, and so on. It’s a gift to be so independent but also offer dependency, right? Well, if you agree, then you’re fashioned in a sense of patience, love, understanding,  and kindness. You are gifted with the ability to hold your peace and use your patience when all you here is, Mommy, Momma, Mom, Ma! Honestly, I here my gifted name so many times a day that sometimes I want to rewrap my gift and open it later. Sometimes I do think about the times I would have if I didn’t get a gift at all. But in all of the wonders, I understand that I must understand my position. I must receive the gifting of responsibility and see it as a joyous accountability project.If you don’t know, God will hold our parenting accountable and I want to win! I want to make Him proud. So with all of that , I accept the name my kids give me, and  their recieve the requrements of being a mommy, momma, mom, ma.

What You Do Is On You 

Sometimes our minds, tell our fingers, to point in the direction of a person or situation, that is to blame for our mishap. Sometimes our minds tell us that if our situation was just a wee bit different, things would be better. Then, we sometimes take it a bit further and speak with our mouths the untruth of blame. But just think, if we took some time to use our mind to think about our thoughts, we may realize that it’s been on us the whole time. It’s “Our” mind, “Our” thought, “Our” mouth…Our. Not sometimes but all of the time, we should check ourselves to make sure we are checking ourselves before pointing at others. What you do and don’t do is never on someone else,  it’s always on You. So we must remember to think about our thoughts, act on our actions, and check ourselves to see if we have checked our self, before passing blame. What you do is on you! Literally ☺

Great Enough? Not in the “Self” Suit!

What makes us great enough? What qualifies you to be in charge of not only your life but others?  Who said that you were great enough to develop a plan, implement the proceedings, and demand conformity? How did you gain the position that presents a form of greatness above others? The answer, “You didnt”! We are not great enough, you are not great enough, only one is great. If you do not receive all that Christ is, your greatness dwindles to nothing. Not even a telescope could magnify the minute sense of greatness you think you have. Without Jesus,  you honestly are no-thing…nothing. We need to get over ourselves in order to get into our selfless Christ.  It’s a suit you wear on the inside. The Jesus suit on the inside, allows us to get in and operate as a different person. We can operate in greatness if we stay inside of the suit. We are, you are, not great enough unless you are covered head to toe in your Jesus suit. So when you feel full of yourself, turn around. Head towards the inside of you, check out the suit that’s available,  put it on, about face, and then walk in greatness.  Now if you check suits and it’s not radiating life, love, and light, do not put it on. Send it to the redeemed dry cleaning to be washed.  After receiving it washed, cleaned, and made new; put the suit on, trust that your new suit is self cleansing,  and you don’t ever have to worry about filth again. Just stay inside or all of your greatness will disappear. #onlyinChrist #Jesussuitsyou #Godsgreatnesslooksgoodonyou

Take the Trash out back and SHOOT IT!

Trash Talk, Treasure Walk

I know many of my readers are familiar with word “Treasure”. For those who are unaware, that word was given to me in placement of “private part”. Ooh, no, don’t say that for all eyes to read. Oh well its said and I’m not scared because the world say whatever they want to say, no filter. I would love to elaborate on the word but that’s for another blog. This blog is only to incorporate the mere essence of a Treasure. Its to cover the affiliates and affiliations of a Treasure along with the expected outcomes. Not the outcome of a mingle that creates a baby being birth, but the outcome of a visitation.  “Us married folk should never withhold visitation” in my Rosalee from Underground voice. Yes that is what The Word says. However, I beg to question that expectation because the key to the treasure box are just as sacred as the treasure. Why would a man hold the same expectations to visit the room that houses the sacred treasure, while trash talking the very kingdom it’s in?
I say that the kingdom should be well cared for if there is an expectation of Treasure visitation. I say, the man who expects to bask in the presence of royal accessories , should  in fact, loose jewels from the bowels of his mouth. He should not speak loveable words only with the intent of a sacred visit, but speak because the wife he beholds is worth it. Shouldn’t the keeper be allowed to show the trash talker, if that be him, to a room filled with waste and filth? Shouldn’t the foul mouth bowels be royally escorted to the room that disposes of disgust? A man should be choosy with the words he speaks to a wife he weds. He should only expect what he himself does present. If all he spews is filth, discouragement, failed kindness, and trash matter with matters of trash, then he should not expect treasure.
A Treasure-Vagina-A Female’s spiritual and physical platform of nations, should be held in the highest regard. So in plain, laymen terms…If you can’t respect your wife with your words then do not expect to visit the throne room where the future resides! Sidenote-Treasures have potential to birth nations as God intended,  other rooms that do not give life but spew filth, are not treasures. #Iwillsaywhatyouwontsay
Love your wife with your words, fill her up with love and kindness. Allow the words of your mouth to pour into your wife until she is filled. And everyone knows its impossible to fill her, so you just keep on pouring, without expectations. If you do it because it’s what you should do, then you stand confident that she will open up to you. #myhusbandunderstandsGodskingdom #hespeakswithpearlsandjewelsonhislips #wivesletsexpectGodsroyaltyHisbest

Fulfilling your Focus

I have been told over and over, “What you focus on expands.” What exactly have I been focused on, what have you been focused on? Have we taken the allotted time to fulfill each breathable moment with a focused pursuit towards our goals? Have we used the valuable, non-stoppable, ever changing time, to complete a task that we ourselves hold self accountable. Have we attempted to focus our fulfillment on the things that will propel us into our destined places? If so, is that the big picture we see each day we open the eyes that were freely given and given freely?

If what we focus on expands then why do we look with our free eyes, to the world of cost? Why do we purposely expand the visions of others? Should we not focus on our pictures, purpose, and pursuits so that we can expand? We have been freely given all that we need to cause expansion in our lives, we must focus our fulfillment in order to fulfill our focus so that our picture can expand. I want to live a big life so that I can expand the life of others, what is your focus? How will you expand your focus so that what you focus on expands. How will you help others when you are finally fulfilled?