Take the Trash out back and SHOOT IT!

Trash Talk, Treasure Walk

I know many of my readers are familiar with word “Treasure”. For those who are unaware, that word was given to me in placement of “private part”. Ooh, no, don’t say that for all eyes to read. Oh well its said and I’m not scared because the world say whatever they want to say, no filter. I would love to elaborate on the word but that’s for another blog. This blog is only to incorporate the mere essence of a Treasure. Its to cover the affiliates and affiliations of a Treasure along with the expected outcomes. Not the outcome of a mingle that creates a baby being birth, but the outcome of a visitation.  “Us married folk should never withhold visitation” in my Rosalee from Underground voice. Yes that is what The Word says. However, I beg to question that expectation because the key to the treasure box are just as sacred as the treasure. Why would a man hold the same expectations to visit the room that houses the sacred treasure, while trash talking the very kingdom it’s in?
I say that the kingdom should be well cared for if there is an expectation of Treasure visitation. I say, the man who expects to bask in the presence of royal accessories , should  in fact, loose jewels from the bowels of his mouth. He should not speak loveable words only with the intent of a sacred visit, but speak because the wife he beholds is worth it. Shouldn’t the keeper be allowed to show the trash talker, if that be him, to a room filled with waste and filth? Shouldn’t the foul mouth bowels be royally escorted to the room that disposes of disgust? A man should be choosy with the words he speaks to a wife he weds. He should only expect what he himself does present. If all he spews is filth, discouragement, failed kindness, and trash matter with matters of trash, then he should not expect treasure.
A Treasure-Vagina-A Female’s spiritual and physical platform of nations, should be held in the highest regard. So in plain, laymen terms…If you can’t respect your wife with your words then do not expect to visit the throne room where the future resides! Sidenote-Treasures have potential to birth nations as God intended,  other rooms that do not give life but spew filth, are not treasures. #Iwillsaywhatyouwontsay
Love your wife with your words, fill her up with love and kindness. Allow the words of your mouth to pour into your wife until she is filled. And everyone knows its impossible to fill her, so you just keep on pouring, without expectations. If you do it because it’s what you should do, then you stand confident that she will open up to you. #myhusbandunderstandsGodskingdom #hespeakswithpearlsandjewelsonhislips #wivesletsexpectGodsroyaltyHisbest

Fulfilling your Focus

I have been told over and over, “What you focus on expands.” What exactly have I been focused on, what have you been focused on? Have we taken the allotted time to fulfill each breathable moment with a focused pursuit towards our goals? Have we used the valuable, non-stoppable, ever changing time, to complete a task that we ourselves hold self accountable. Have we attempted to focus our fulfillment on the things that will propel us into our destined places? If so, is that the big picture we see each day we open the eyes that were freely given and given freely?

If what we focus on expands then why do we look with our free eyes, to the world of cost? Why do we purposely expand the visions of others? Should we not focus on our pictures, purpose, and pursuits so that we can expand? We have been freely given all that we need to cause expansion in our lives, we must focus our fulfillment in order to fulfill our focus so that our picture can expand. I want to live a big life so that I can expand the life of others, what is your focus? How will you expand your focus so that what you focus on expands. How will you help others when you are finally fulfilled?


Don’t Forget Prosperity

I have many desires, like opening safe group homes, developing ELA curriculum that incorporates nutrition, developing book clubs for lower income students who struggle in Reading, being able to help those who truly need it, and so much more! These are my first desires and yes along with them I desire a large home, cars, jewelry, clothes, travel, and expensive dishes. Does that make me evil, NO! Does it make the man who teaches me to love God and receive from God evil, NO! I truly believe that people who say they do not need money, are selfish. You cannot go and preach Christ, change lives, change situations without having money. Missions trips raise money, your pastor anniversary raises money, fundraiser for youth trip is raising money, so lets throw down the forks. If you want to help the homeless, sick, orphans, and so on you will need money. If you cannot think of any masses to help then you’re just straight up selfish and your talent should be taken away! Okay thats a little harsh but ijs you need to stop hiding what God gives you and go out and multiply!!! Its not about your selfish desires to just pay your bills, help your kids and few neighbors, then maybe donate to Red Cross! Its about the world!!! #venting #Godlovestoblessus #Weneedtoblessothers

Apostle's Daily Meditations

And thou hast removed my soul far off from peace: I forgat prosperity. – Lamentations 3:17

Some people say, “We don’t need to be talking about all this money stuff and prosperity. Teach me about the Holy Ghost. Teach me about the fruits of the spirit.” But, what they fail to realize is that God’s will for all of His children is total life prosperity – which is being prosperous in EVERY area of life.

We are told to, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15) But, the gospel cannot be spread without money. Prosperity is a defense in this world for the gospel. It’s also a defense for you to be able to successfully thrive in this world.

Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of what God’s Word says you can have. The dreams and visions that God…

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Live The Cause

Live The Cause

Apostle's Daily Meditations

I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment: That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures. – Proverbs 8:17-21

In Proverbs 8:17, wisdom is speaking, but actually it’s God talking to us. He is teaching us the cause and effect of loving Him.

To operate in prosperity, you have to love God. He says, “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” When you find God, you won’t find Him empty-handed. If you say you found Him and you found Him empty, you’ve got the…

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Go down, to Go up

I have heard it time and time again, “You have to hit the bottom before going to the top.” Time and time again I have agreed to that saying. Is is true? The answer is…yes! It is beyond truth and not just because I said so but because it is proven in both spiritual and physical things. In my nightly meditation, I pondered the book of Ephesians, chapter 4. I asked God one simple question, “What can I get from here?” I asked because I have read that book many times and as fresh as God is I just knew He had something else. Within a moment God showed me the oil platforms that drill for oil, the concrete companies that pour foundations, the Geo-tech Engineers who check the dirt for weight capacity, and most importantly Jesus who descended to hell just to build a kingdom that cannot be shaken. It all proves that statement to be a true. It is so overwhelming and yet pleasurable, how God parallels the physical realm with the spiritual realm in everything we do. He is simply but not simply, amazing!

Seed, Seed, and more Seed…Fruit, Fruit, and more fruit!

I will write this just as I saw it. I love to visualize things as if they are in a children’s book or an animated film. So as I read my meditation today about Prosperity in the Seed, I started to visualize that process. In the middle of my visualization I read the words “Jesus was a seed” then saw Him as a seed. I read the words “the devil thought he destroyed Him” and I saw someone eating a fruit and discarding the seeds. Then I saw the potential in the seed or should I say I felt the potential. I understood that even though the fruit appeared to be devoured; the seed had the potential to not only reproduce but manifest destiny for the fruit. The seed had the life in it for all life in the future of that fruit. I saw Jesus as a seed, grown into fruit, and then eaten or devoured on purpose according to God’s will. All the while, He knew that as the seed He would be planted, grown as a tree with unmovable roots, grow branches that spread across the world, and produce fruit that would have the potential to be planted and grown just like Him. Oh how wonderful God is and how wonderful His revelation is. God is so amazing in the way He does things. I am so thankful to be a fruit bearing seed that inhabits the potential of Jesus! We must plant and allow the seed in us to grow and produce fruit. Its a cycle that will never cease. Seedtime and Harvest!

Whose To Say?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next Apostle?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next NeuroSurgeon?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next President?
Whose to say I have not given birth to the next Billionair Tech?
Whose to say that one of my children will not become a great success? No one! No one can say that because they do not know the future of my children and neither do I. I can only train them up in the way they should go. Yea I know that scripture has been cliche and most people think that it only pertains to discipline. Well how unfortunate that some minds have spiritual blockage of revelation on such a simple direction. 

“Train up” is not narrowed by spiritual beliefs and a prayer life. “Train up” is so broad and inhabits the breeding ground for your child’s infinite future. Their spiritual foundation and prayer life are accompanying various plugs to ensure that those plugs do not break connection. 

I personally have accepted Train Up, as orders from God to SEE my child as he or she is in the eyes of God. I must SEE the gift that He has placed in them and help them to cultivate it so that they can become the success He set in place for them. I must SEE the academics, friends, tv shows, music, celebrities, videos, and other channels that could suffocate the gift that my child inhabits. I must SEE where they are already pointing and guide them that direction. 

Whose to say you have not given birth to the next Einstein? No one is to say but YOU ARE TO SEE! God gave parents the ability to see for their children so that they can go where God planned for them to be. When we as parents get confused, disconnected, and ignorant we do some idiotic things. We either one, become so focused on our selves that we forget our children need guidance, two, become so people pleasing addicted that we guide our children by the guidance of others success, three, are too lazy and ignorant to even consider the future of our children so we let them choose and guide them according to their choice, or four, abandon the responsibility as a parent in total and thereby allow somone or something to guide our children. 

Whose to say you have not given birth to the next Billy Graham ? No one is to say but you are responsible to see to it that your child succeeds in the plan of God for their life and not the plan you have for their life. Get over yourself, your wants thoughts and needs. See what God has put in your child and develop an environment that allows them to be that person. If you can only see a buck, a box, and bike thats the result of your past guidance. But do not let your sight effect the sight of your child. Show them the millions, the mansions, and the martin. If you can only see your job, your happiness, and your desires then that is a result of your past guidance. Do not let your narrow sight cross the path of your child who wants to end world hunger, build houses for homeless, help the lost find Jesus. Get over yourself and out of the way of your child’s inner greatness.
Whose to say this isnt’t for you while youre thinking of someone else that should read it? 
#savingnoface #saywhattheywontsay #Jesusspeaker


​PUSH-No matter what direction you are going right now, I encourage you to PUSH toward Christ. If the direction you are facing, walking or running toward, does not lead you to Christ assignments and purposes then you need to turn around. It is a New Year and it is time to move in a New Direction. So what its foggy, windy, cold, lonely, or whatever other excuse you can fathom. PUSH toward your destination! PUSH toward Christ’s destination. Where He is, is where you should be. 2017 should be your ” Year of NO EXCUSES”! Christ is pulling for you, He knows you are capable. So do not go in circles, let go of your insane ways, PUSH yourself into a new direction. You can do it.