The Banana Tree

“It’s Fall” I thought to myself, “Isn’t it?” So why don’t I see the leaves of many colors or a grave infested with fallen shades? Maybe my time of year gauge has malfunctioned. Am I so out of sync as to miss the seasons changing? I guess that can be possible seeing as though my life has been severely busy with standstill traffic. Everyone in my life have intentions , I assume, to go places; yet they (we) are at a standstill. I wonder… What is it that causes us to close in on one another? What is it that allows us the nerve to depend on someone else’s speed in order to get where we desire to go? What makes us think that if we follow close we will get there sooner? I have an answer maybe a revelation or maybe out of piety who can tell? I answer with hopes that my fellow drivers (family) may hear me out. I answer with great expectations of open-mindedness and consideration. I say, stop being just a driver or just a follower. I say stop being an impatient and yet dependent road rager. I say be a part of the Banana Tree. Drive in the reality of who You are and operate as a whole. We can grow and go together if we move with undiluted and focused attention on our independent ways. Sooner than later we will all get to our arranged destination so let us not rush. Be ripened and sweet with pliability. Let go of horn honking annoyance and embrace quiet flourishing as we watch one another grow. Eventually and intentionally we will get to our purposes places. Like the Banana Tree we grow from a heart as a hand and operate individually yet in sync. If we grow in peaceful watch we can and shall expect calm division of the fingers. Individuality breeds destiny if we stay in the reality of knowing we are each destined for greatness. “Where on Earth did all that come from?” You ask, it came in a funnel. I have been graced with the ability to allow God’s gifts to be funneled from Him, to my heart and soul, to trickle down my hand, and drip from my fingers on to paper or keys, that will be read by many God created eyes. I accept that grace in any measure, at any time, for any reason, and in any season. #Godhasgotaholdonme #Godamazesme #savingnoface #operatingbygrace #Iwriteyouread #itswhatIdo