Tongue or Gum

     Sometimes people say whatever they want and never expect a response. Why is that? It’s probably because their used to you spitting blood because of all the tongue biting. When would you say it is a good time to speak your peace or defend yourself? Sometimes, all of the time, every now and then, or never? If your tongue is sore it’s a good thing to an extent. Some people aren’t worth the words that come that great mind of yours. Some situations are even worth it so you just keep your mouth closed and tame your tongue. 

     It all sounds good and spiritual and Bible following, however, a bloody tongue can cause undo stress. Maybe not every time but some of the time you just have to say something. You should be able to respond tactfully, tastefully, and respectfully. Your words in return should feed their intelligence, they should tell the situation you’re smarter than it. It’s easier said than done of course. It takes a strong love for God, a yearning for peace, and a focused will to return to the conversation with words that deflect negativity. 

     You must realize it’s not about if they will think you’re smarter when you speak. It’s not about if the situation will be taken to a more important stance. It is about the effect of your cause. It is about the change that took place. Did they learn that you are truly smarter than they are but without smelling arrogance? Did your intelligent, respectful, tactful, and tasteful response regulate the situation? If so then you win this time and maybe next time you bite down. If you didn’t satisfy that indirect expectation then continue to bite and bleed until you have mastered being master over the ignorant comments or ridiculous situations. 

     Just take in ignorance, bite down, matter of fact, chew it up so you can swallow and digest. That way you feed your intelligence and the next time you can reegirgetate all over their foolishness or the situations faultiness. Be prepared by preparing to be the smarter one and bring a gum instead of your tongue. 


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