What You Do For Others Won’t Last 🤔

What dreams, desires, passions, talents, or purposes have you planned to accomplish in life? What places have you set in your mind to go visit? What ideas have you thought to make reality? The answers come by the hundreds even the thousands, yet some of them never make it into the real world. Would you say its because they are bad ideas, foggy desires, or foolish passions?  Probably not, right? I would say they don’t make the cut or to the big screen of your life because someone said “That’s an okay idea”, “You think you can really do that”, “Maybe you should just stick with what you’re doing”, “Where will you get the money for that”, and the list goes on. Some people never do what they truly want to do because someone sowed a seed of discouragement or showed a lack of support.  If that be the case, then let me say, what you do on account of someone elses opinion, won’t last. God gave you the vision for your mission, therefore, your provision will come from God assigned providers.  God has assigned provision for every area, even provision for moral support. So do what you do for God, because what you do for the approval of others will not last. Only what you do for God will be eternal and receive earthly and heavenly rewards. 😎Be cool and ☺focus!


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