It’s a gift to be a woman, you know, being able to birth a generation and all. It’s a gift to be a mom, not just a mom to your kids but a mom that will be remembered for generations because there are: grandkids, great grandkids, great great grand kids, and so on. It’s a gift to be so independent but also offer dependency, right? Well, if you agree, then you’re fashioned in a sense of patience, love, understanding,  and kindness. You are gifted with the ability to hold your peace and use your patience when all you here is, Mommy, Momma, Mom, Ma! Honestly, I here my gifted name so many times a day that sometimes I want to rewrap my gift and open it later. Sometimes I do think about the times I would have if I didn’t get a gift at all. But in all of the wonders, I understand that I must understand my position. I must receive the gifting of responsibility and see it as a joyous accountability project.If you don’t know, God will hold our parenting accountable and I want to win! I want to make Him proud. So with all of that , I accept the name my kids give me, and  their recieve the requrements of being a mommy, momma, mom, ma.


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