What You Do Is On You 

Sometimes our minds, tell our fingers, to point in the direction of a person or situation, that is to blame for our mishap. Sometimes our minds tell us that if our situation was just a wee bit different, things would be better. Then, we sometimes take it a bit further and speak with our mouths the untruth of blame. But just think, if we took some time to use our mind to think about our thoughts, we may realize that it’s been on us the whole time. It’s “Our” mind, “Our” thought, “Our” mouth…Our. Not sometimes but all of the time, we should check ourselves to make sure we are checking ourselves before pointing at others. What you do and don’t do is never on someone else,  it’s always on You. So we must remember to think about our thoughts, act on our actions, and check ourselves to see if we have checked our self, before passing blame. What you do is on you! Literally ☺


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