Seed, Seed, and more Seed…Fruit, Fruit, and more fruit!

I will write this just as I saw it. I love to visualize things as if they are in a children’s book or an animated film. So as I read my meditation today about Prosperity in the Seed, I started to visualize that process. In the middle of my visualization I read the words “Jesus was a seed” then saw Him as a seed. I read the words “the devil thought he destroyed Him” and I saw someone eating a fruit and discarding the seeds. Then I saw the potential in the seed or should I say I felt the potential. I understood that even though the fruit appeared to be devoured; the seed had the potential to not only reproduce but manifest destiny for the fruit. The seed had the life in it for all life in the future of that fruit. I saw Jesus as a seed, grown into fruit, and then eaten or devoured on purpose according to God’s will. All the while, He knew that as the seed He would be planted, grown as a tree with unmovable roots, grow branches that spread across the world, and produce fruit that would have the potential to be planted and grown just like Him. Oh how wonderful God is and how wonderful His revelation is. God is so amazing in the way He does things. I am so thankful to be a fruit bearing seed that inhabits the potential of Jesus! We must plant and allow the seed in us to grow and produce fruit. Its a cycle that will never cease. Seedtime and Harvest!


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