A Container or a Sponge?

Which would you rather be as the Blood of Jesus is poured upon you? 

Sponge-Absorbs, leaks, can be saturated, can drip, can leave residue and smudges, gets heavier and heaviers but can become light and still hold enough liquid to last a long time.

Container- Non-absorbent, can hold only an exact amount, can overflow, can allow the fluid to take shape, can be covered to contain, can be squeaky clean without residue, becomes heavy and and light according to the amount of liquids poured in, cannot be saturated.
Both sound good but I would choose a sponge. I can overflow onto others, leave a blood residue of power with just a rub, will always have evidence that the blood has been here, and even after I have released some blood benefits to others; I still have more than enough for myself. No limits to sponge mentality. I choose to be an absorbent, generous, blood mess making, blood carrying SPONGE! #SoakingupJesus #PassingHimAround


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