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And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed i…

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Whose To Say?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next Apostle?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next NeuroSurgeon?

Whose to say I have not given birth to the next President?
Whose to say I have not given birth to the next Billionair Tech?
Whose to say that one of my children will not become a great success? No one! No one can say that because they do not know the future of my children and neither do I. I can only train them up in the way they should go. Yea I know that scripture has been cliche and most people think that it only pertains to discipline. Well how unfortunate that some minds have spiritual blockage of revelation on such a simple direction. 

“Train up” is not narrowed by spiritual beliefs and a prayer life. “Train up” is so broad and inhabits the breeding ground for your child’s infinite future. Their spiritual foundation and prayer life are accompanying various plugs to ensure that those plugs do not break connection. 

I personally have accepted Train Up, as orders from God to SEE my child as he or she is in the eyes of God. I must SEE the gift that He has placed in them and help them to cultivate it so that they can become the success He set in place for them. I must SEE the academics, friends, tv shows, music, celebrities, videos, and other channels that could suffocate the gift that my child inhabits. I must SEE where they are already pointing and guide them that direction. 

Whose to say you have not given birth to the next Einstein? No one is to say but YOU ARE TO SEE! God gave parents the ability to see for their children so that they can go where God planned for them to be. When we as parents get confused, disconnected, and ignorant we do some idiotic things. We either one, become so focused on our selves that we forget our children need guidance, two, become so people pleasing addicted that we guide our children by the guidance of others success, three, are too lazy and ignorant to even consider the future of our children so we let them choose and guide them according to their choice, or four, abandon the responsibility as a parent in total and thereby allow somone or something to guide our children. 

Whose to say you have not given birth to the next Billy Graham ? No one is to say but you are responsible to see to it that your child succeeds in the plan of God for their life and not the plan you have for their life. Get over yourself, your wants thoughts and needs. See what God has put in your child and develop an environment that allows them to be that person. If you can only see a buck, a box, and bike thats the result of your past guidance. But do not let your sight effect the sight of your child. Show them the millions, the mansions, and the martin. If you can only see your job, your happiness, and your desires then that is a result of your past guidance. Do not let your narrow sight cross the path of your child who wants to end world hunger, build houses for homeless, help the lost find Jesus. Get over yourself and out of the way of your child’s inner greatness.
Whose to say this isnt’t for you while youre thinking of someone else that should read it? 
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​PUSH-No matter what direction you are going right now, I encourage you to PUSH toward Christ. If the direction you are facing, walking or running toward, does not lead you to Christ assignments and purposes then you need to turn around. It is a New Year and it is time to move in a New Direction. So what its foggy, windy, cold, lonely, or whatever other excuse you can fathom. PUSH toward your destination! PUSH toward Christ’s destination. Where He is, is where you should be. 2017 should be your ” Year of NO EXCUSES”! Christ is pulling for you, He knows you are capable. So do not go in circles, let go of your insane ways, PUSH yourself into a new direction. You can do it.

A Container or a Sponge?

Which would you rather be as the Blood of Jesus is poured upon you? 

Sponge-Absorbs, leaks, can be saturated, can drip, can leave residue and smudges, gets heavier and heaviers but can become light and still hold enough liquid to last a long time.

Container- Non-absorbent, can hold only an exact amount, can overflow, can allow the fluid to take shape, can be covered to contain, can be squeaky clean without residue, becomes heavy and and light according to the amount of liquids poured in, cannot be saturated.
Both sound good but I would choose a sponge. I can overflow onto others, leave a blood residue of power with just a rub, will always have evidence that the blood has been here, and even after I have released some blood benefits to others; I still have more than enough for myself. No limits to sponge mentality. I choose to be an absorbent, generous, blood mess making, blood carrying SPONGE! #SoakingupJesus #PassingHimAround

Acts 22:14 -Holds Your Place in the World

God’s will for your life is in His Word. Here are a few extraction steps:

1. Get the information- Get in your Bible study the Word of God

2. Use your imagination-Visualize your life in the changed position

3. Hear with your ears-Revelation will come and thats what you move on. God will give you directions. (Heaven to Earth directions)

Then comes the manifestations!