Dying on The Vine

Unwanted, unpicked, stribbled, discolored, disfigured, and dead. The end of the life of those fruit that started in holy matrimony to the supply of steady nutrients but died ahead of time while on the vine. Attached yet not connected so the nutrients pass by nonstop and refuse to drop off at that spot. Is that you?

Why die on the vine? How did they die while on the vine? Good question and good answers reply, you may have started off in tact but something pulled you off. Yes, from fruit to life I switch, from garden reality to your reality. 

Why did you die on the vine? How did you die on the vine? How did your life become stribbled, discolored, sickly, or dead? Are you attached but disconnected?  Are you on the vine just hanging to prove a point or are you truly connected and receiving nutrients? If your life is dying or dead, check your connection. Check your surroundings there may be something cutting the flow of nutrients to your end. There may be a disconnect connected to you that has shut off your flow. Check your life! Check in back, in front, inside and out. Check your friends, decisions, church, work, words, thoughts, media,  and more. Something has cut off your flow and left you to die. Something or someone may be draining your nutrients and leaving you high and dry. Be careFul, full of caring but be careful that people are not always watching with cheer but with destructive intentions.


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