So, should I be alarmed by those other gods that the flourishing nail world representatives so freely flaunt? Should I allow their talents to grace my presence and all the while allow my God’s presence temporarily take a back seat? Maybe I am thinking too much into it all, maybe I should continue to use blind eyes while seeing that they are just as bolder than some of us Christians. What’s worst is in the modern-day salons, nail and hair, there is a lack of grander display of Who Christ is in that establishment. Christian salons claiming Christianity yet appealing to the world therefore displaying other gods. I am amazed that a brighter light has not shone on those who worship before all religions no matter who, to pocket the money that was received during a heartfelt prayer to the one and only God. I mean, we spend our money in the establishment that indirectly says I worship Buddha, they shout it from the roof tops in a whisper and display him for all to see. While the Christians are saying,” I pray to God and I trust Him” but I do not want to be “Too” spiritual so I will not play Christian music and display His word before all to see.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying we worship their gods because we pay for a lovely service. However, I am saying we should fly our flags high in the face of their gods. We should speak in recognition to He is always is and will be. We must cast away fearful shame that clients may stray and worldliness will attract more. We must gather our Kingdom statues and place them in the forefront of our minds not to give any play to evil display. I AM A CHRISTIAN for all to see and I dare not be real, operate in integrity, and show MY GOD off. You may not have literally decided to mask God and reveal or comply to their god, but when you back burner the True God you represent theirs. So, while your feet are soaking and your nails are polished, sprinkle a little Christ in their seats, spread some of God’s glory while you be pampered. Speak Christ in the mist of those other gods. Remain liberated and do not allow imprisonment of this world. There should be no other god before the TRUE GOD, not in your mind, beliefs, or blinded eye. Open up, step up, stand out, cry out NO FREAKIN GOD WHATSOEVER shall outsource or out sell my GOD!


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