Soul food…so foolish

You see or hear the words “Soul Food” and you think food that you consume that taste so good and is cooked by some great aunt. You may even think fried chicken, Mac n cheese, with greens and rice dressing. But I’m not talking food consumption that rattles your senses and upsets your stomach. I am talking the food in which you serve your mind, emotions, intellect, and will. What are you feeding your “Mind’s Mouth”? Better yet what did you feed and are feeding your children’s mind mouths with? You probably don’t think it’s as important as is it but, IT IS! Children are suffering from malnutrition of the mind, losing slowly and endlessly the potential to be great thinkers, great decision makers, and genius partakers. Be proactive and enthusiastic about feeding your children soul food that’s nourishing. Instead of Mac n Cheese (pus and sugar) feed them whole grain pasta and fresh made nut cheese (whole grains and nuts) I mean; feed them the real food for their thoughts that will help them mentally physically emotionally and spiritually succeed. Positive encouraging motivating loving and supportive food can help them be their best when their best comes. Rant rant rant! #hadtosayit #savingnoface #doitbygrace #successfulthinkingiswisdom