What is there to live for?

What is it? What is there to live for? I can be cliche and sentimental and say ” I live for my kids”. I can be spiritual and seemingly holy and say ” I live for God”. I can say I live for so many things, but the truth is I live for myself. I mean, I’m speaking on behalf of a general pool of humans, not personally.

If I didn’t live for myself then why do everything I do based on if “I enjoy it” or “I like it” or even “I love it”? I mean if I live for my kids, why not do everything I do for my kids but really take into account, if they will benefit from it?

Example: If I live for my kids like I say I do then I would take great care of my body so that they can be cared for as long as needed, I don’t get ill and take money from their mouths, or die leaving them alone or single parented? Yes things happen, tragedies come, but those incidents so not determine the living I do, on purpose, for the purpose, I claim. Without tragedies and unknown deterrents, I should live like I love my kids, and sacrifice my life by taking care of it…


Example: If I live for my kids, why not spend more time communicating with them and learning their gifts, then applauding or criticizing a stranger’s gift? Lives of others can drain the potential listening and communicating parent from the true hearts desires and skills of a child. ” How can a mother understand a teenage daughter if she is wrapped up in someone else’s falsality, not reality?” (I made up a word)


“I live for God!” Oh sure you do? How can I live for God but I don’t live according to whats best for Him? Do I live to make him smile, be proud of me, and say well done? If I truly live for God then why am I a hater? Ooooh a hater!!! I’m a hater? I am not a hater!! Well, Maury got the results and its been determined, “That is a lie!” If I’m not a hater then what am I? What does that have to do with my living for God? EVERYTHING! If you’re a hater then you live to hate. You live to do the total opposite of what God would want and the only two entities that govern that living are Satan and Self. Satan and Self or enemies of God, soooo, you’re… I’m…a hater. So if you don’t want to be and you want to live for God then you live according to what makes Him smile and keeps Him satisfied.


In all that I have spoken, I will still choose to live for myself. I do not and will not structure my life to be healthy, polite, loving, sober, generous, kind, peaceful, obedient, or vigilant. I choose to do me Cuz its what I live for. My life is my life and I can do what I choose.

Well, like I said, you really do choose you over your cliche responses. Because if you lived for your response, you would change the way you do you.


I have changed the way I do me and I know who I live for. I LIVE FOR LOVE…Yes Love…the Love of God, love of my kids, love of my family, love of strangers, love of love of Jesus. If I can’t make them smile, if I can’t be there for them, if I can’t think of them before me, then I fail at living for love. From now on, I will know what there is to live for. LOVE

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