“We are all God’s children”… NOT

Somebody wants justification for their  foolish “misbehavication”(my own word).
Let’s not use ” We are all Gods children ” when we want to be “OK” with the choices we or someone we know are making.
In Gods Word there are specific details that categorize whose the father of who.
You’re either a Child of God or you’re a Child of the Father of lies.
You either love God as your father or you live to please the God of this worldly world.
We all bleed alike, cut one or cut another the blood will bleed out the same.
However, the red blood you bleed does not determine who your father is.
DNA can tell in the flesh whether your biological father is truly biological.
BUT, There’s a blood that holds a special DNA that determines who your spiritual Father is.
It’s all about The Blood but not your blood. It’s a spiritual matter!
If you don’t receive HIS blood, bleed HIS blood, plead His blood, you may not have HIS blood.
“Everyone is a Child of God” not true!
“Everyone was created by a process God created” true!
And in that process you were born and in the process you can choose who you want to spiritually father you.
Who have you chosen? Who do you serve? Where is your trust? Who do you call the most? Who do love? Whose house do you visit and will someday spend eternity?
You can’t want to trust God but not receive His Son that died and bled His blood so that you can have a blood that can’t ever be contaminated and will help you live forever.
You can’t you love God but have hate in your heart because hate is fathered by Satan.
Human bodies created by a process does guarantee God as your father.
Jesus the first of Son of God, came to save everyone and set up the possibility to be Fathered by one God and spend forever under one Kingdom.
SO, Don’t ever ever assume, “We are all Gods children”, but know whose your daddy!


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