Tailor…whose the best in business?

Master Tailor and I’m not talking “Savile Row”

A Tailor, a creative genius that can visually carve and physically manifest the vision.
A Tailor, a mastermind of perfection, can single handedly “fit you to a t”.
A Tailor, has a signature that can be recognized or unnoticed but doesn’t sign with a pen.
A Tailor, I don’t personally know many, actually I’ve only heard of a few, but I am close to One.
A Tailor, above all, in all, invisible but visible, popular but sometimes unnoticed.
A Tailor, the first Tailor there ever was and taught those who came after.
A Tailor, created millions maybe even ions of signature brands, yet some have yet to know Him.
A Tailor, not just a Tailor but The Tailor.
The Tailor who clothes the earth with land and water, created grass for the dirt, leaves for limbs, even gave the additional “lavish accessories” of plants and flowers.
The Tailor that chose feathers for birds, created fur for bears, scales for some fish, even soft and hard shells for crabs.
The Tailor who intriguingly designed the physical body for spirits.
God, no other
Tailor that’s above all…Savile Row would have never been, if not for The Founder

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