Why You Do What You Do?

As I praise and sing glory to God I listen to the words of this song. ”


ou thought I was worth saving, You thought I was worth keeping, You thought I was to die for

And I question clearly, why did Jesus do what He did? Why me? Why come personally and tell me to stop what I was doing? Why did He on calvary, preplan my destiny? Why go through all those lengths just to get me to understand my worth? Why die so that I can respect and love Him for dying, befors I knew I ever would? And His answer, “Because I love you Kristie”…tears…WOW! How simple the answer but profound, the meaning. So now I question myself. Why do I sing praises? Why do I live to live holy? Why do I choose His ways and not my own or others way? Why do I watch what Im watching? Why do I listen to what Im listening to? Why do I choose what to say before saying if? Why do I want others to follow Christ? Why do I believe in deliverance? Why do I choose to be honest and hae integrity? My answer “Because I love you Jesus”. He didnt do what He did to make anyone else look bad, clap their hands, or have something to talk about. He did it because He simply loves us and wants to be with us forever. He enjoys spending time with us and loves to bless us. He loves to show us satans tactics so that we can daily overcome him. He simply loves us.So I do what I do for all the same reasons. I want to see Him while here on earth and when I leave here. I love to spend time with Him and talk and laugh and love and live and cry and share and  dance and hug, and sometimes just be silent. I love knowing whats planned ahead of time so I can avoid the blocks. I love knowing that my imperfections are just that and He loves me anyway. I want Him to see that I purposely choose what He wants because I know how much He would love it.I do what I do because when I was in a ditch covered in dirt then almost concreted in, He came where I was and whispered, “The time is now”.  He came in the ditch under the dirt while concrete was being poured and gave me the strength to pull myself out. He didnt come and yank me out before setting, He encouraged me to get before the concrete set. He loved me and helped me out when no one else cared that I was about to be stuck. I do what I do…just for Him. Not for people, not for show, but solely for Him. So thats why I live by SAVING NO FACE! I dont care what others say, call me, lie about, talk about, or even speculate, because unless they love God how I love Him; they will never understand my praise. So now I question you, “Why do you do what you do, whatever it is”? #savingnoface #realtalk #iwillsaywhattheywontsay #IlovebecauseGodloves


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