Know Your Cup of Tea

Teas taste and smell so different according to their origin. But even though they differ in taste and smell, some are very similar in appearance. The same goes in the game of dating. Men should know their cup of tea. Taste and smell are different but the appearance could be the same. Refuse to be fooled, makeup does wonders and I’m not just talking makeover! What you see is a beautiful face of makeup, it’s flawless in appearance, yet its origin is all male. Know your cup of tea don’t go off appearance only…#savingnoface

The guy on this photo is in the business of show business. As you can see he’s great at what he does. He is not out to intentionally fool you. I just used his photo to show you men, its not all in the look of the body but the actual body itself.

**Double Disclaimer**
I do not at all agree with his business, lifestyle, or choices.I am a firm believer that God creates in detail, is faultless, never confused, and does not lie. If He created you male then male you are. #Godcandeliver #publishedauthor #savingnoface #GodlovestoseeuswearHisoriginals



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