Exerpts for God Can Deliver You

“If you struggle with the body you live in, do not settle. When you believe you are in the wrong body and you change it, you illegally alter your identity…The enemy will deluge your mind with faulty thoughts. He will use a flaw, tailor it into an identity trait, and call it yours…You can remove the evil potter that sits on the stool to mold your life. Refuse to allow him to shape you or your children. If he will not take his foot off the pedal or his hands off the clay, stab him! You will have to lose yourself to Christ, use His blood as camouflage, The Word of God as your sword, God’s love as your backup, and just “haul off and stab him!” You keep stabbing until he falls from the stoll and his foot is off the pedal. It is as violent as it sounds! You MUST get fed up enough to go to war!


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