If you were born a female, you are a female. God does not make mistakes, His specialties include order, perfection, and attention to detail. There is nothing strange about the way God does things. However, when you choose to do what you are satan thinks is best, that’s strange. Altering your physical identity to become a girl, does not change who you are spiritually. Therefore, you become a stranger to the real you.
A stranger is someone you haven’t met before or do not know. A stranger is a person that is in a new or unfamiliar place. You become a total starnger to your spirit when you change your body and reprogram your mind. When you modify your body to accomodate your mind, you choose to live strange. Consult the creator of human bodies before altering it, the body you hate or feel hated in, is the same body HE loves to see you wear.

#savingnoface #wrongiswrong #nocompromise #alllovenohate #Christbehaviorsonly #dontdieonpurpose GEESH!


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