Be Strengthened!

Apostle's Meditations

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Many times, we are faced with stress and failure because we are depending on our own strength instead of God’s strength. But, when you depend completely and totally on God, it is impossible to live stressed out or constantly in defeat. Don’t you agree that God’s strength is more powerful than your own?

You have to realize that you cannot do it on your own. Admit it: your own strength is not enough. Begin to rely on God’s strength, for He is always there waiting to help you in every area of your life.

Recognizing your weaknesses causes you to continuously look to God for His help! The more difficult your day is, the more God is there waiting for you to depend on him. So don’t go into today planning to get things done by your own…

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Know Your Cup of Tea

Teas taste and smell so different according to their origin. But even though they differ in taste and smell, some are very similar in appearance. The same goes in the game of dating. Men should know their cup of tea. Taste and smell are different but the appearance could be the same. Refuse to be fooled, makeup does wonders and I’m not just talking makeover! What you see is a beautiful face of makeup, it’s flawless in appearance, yet its origin is all male. Know your cup of tea don’t go off appearance only…#savingnoface

The guy on this photo is in the business of show business. As you can see he’s great at what he does. He is not out to intentionally fool you. I just used his photo to show you men, its not all in the look of the body but the actual body itself.

**Double Disclaimer**
I do not at all agree with his business, lifestyle, or choices.I am a firm believer that God creates in detail, is faultless, never confused, and does not lie. If He created you male then male you are. #Godcandeliver #publishedauthor #savingnoface #GodlovestoseeuswearHisoriginals



When you know your purpose you understand your worth. Oooh that’s deep! Well here’s something real but not all deep. Don’t lose yourself looking for purpose, know your worth, is your purpose. So now ask yourself “Am I royalty or a peasant?” “Am I a hard worker for Christ through Christ or am I a slack hand who calls out or lie to get off?” Yea your worth matters to God. Your worth to Christ is your purpose here on earth. Either you work for Him or you don’t. Either you are child of the King who does their part or you live outside the kingdom working for yourself and Satan. IJS


If you were born a female, you are a female. God does not make mistakes, His specialties include order, perfection, and attention to detail. There is nothing strange about the way God does things. However, when you choose to do what you are satan thinks is best, that’s strange. Altering your physical identity to become a girl, does not change who you are spiritually. Therefore, you become a stranger to the real you.
A stranger is someone you haven’t met before or do not know. A stranger is a person that is in a new or unfamiliar place. You become a total starnger to your spirit when you change your body and reprogram your mind. When you modify your body to accomodate your mind, you choose to live strange. Consult the creator of human bodies before altering it, the body you hate or feel hated in, is the same body HE loves to see you wear.

#savingnoface #wrongiswrong #nocompromise #alllovenohate #Christbehaviorsonly #dontdieonpurpose GEESH!

Exerpts for God Can Deliver You

“If you struggle with the body you live in, do not settle. When you believe you are in the wrong body and you change it, you illegally alter your identity…The enemy will deluge your mind with faulty thoughts. He will use a flaw, tailor it into an identity trait, and call it yours…You can remove the evil potter that sits on the stool to mold your life. Refuse to allow him to shape you or your children. If he will not take his foot off the pedal or his hands off the clay, stab him! You will have to lose yourself to Christ, use His blood as camouflage, The Word of God as your sword, God’s love as your backup, and just “haul off and stab him!” You keep stabbing until he falls from the stoll and his foot is off the pedal. It is as violent as it sounds! You MUST get fed up enough to go to war!


Stop, be still, read it read it, wait on it. Wait on the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh word. Saturate yourself in Gods Word until the blood seeps from your pours. Don’t be mistaken, not your blood but The Blood. The Blood of Jesus #saturation #bloodsoaked