Who changed your mind?

It amazes me the ability we house, to go from one mood to the other in a matter of seconds. Its amazing the control we have and sometimes lack, when it comes to our mood. One minute we are happy and next minute we are vexed. So how is that possible? It is possible because the ability to change our thinking, comes just as easily. The next question is, who changed our mind? That same person changed what we were thinking and thereby changed our mood. I do admit sometimes medication, mental disabilities, and hormones have plenty to do with mood changing. However, what diagnosis do we give to those who are void of presciption, sober and sane, and haven’t reached menopause or pregnant? What should the diagnosis be? I say an unstable mind is the root of the problem. The inability to control our thoughts lead to the inability to control our mood, thereby arresting the freedom of everyone else around. I want to allow those around me the freedom they are entitled. So from now on I vow to stay focused, keep the Holy Spirit at the door of my thoughts, and arrest all foolish thoughts if and when they try to sneak in! You won’t change my mind as long as the bouncer is at the door!


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