Cool as…

In a discussion on yesterday, I found out that wives usually raise their voice, talk calm, or go silent in an argument. In an argument about kids, food, or clean up I guess we can be cool as fans. A fan can be adjusted low to high, can turn in direction to blow direct or indirect, and can be noisy or quiet. But in an argument about church, money, or listening, we can be cool as cucumbers. Why cucumbers? Why choose that when everyone knows that most arguments about those subjects get very heated? Well, a cucumber does not grow in a cool the best cucumbers are planted and grown in warm soil. But not just that, cucumbers have the ability to change state and it totally depends on the consumer if they prefer fresh or pickled. Cucumbers can be totally transformed.
Does ur husband like pickles? Hmmm the answer is probably “Yea on his burger”. So if its understood that he either dislikes pickles or he only likes them only with his burger, why be one. Wives should create the environment for their house. We should be the thermostat for every situation, we should create an environment that’s cool as the wind on a breezy day. That wind isn’t created by human but created by God. It can blow every direction, cool you off when it scorching hot, but cannot be controlled. You can’t summon it, transform it, turn it up or down, you can only receive or not receive. That’s the cool we need. The cool that is controlled by God. We need to be cool as a breeze. An attitude monitored, guided, and directed by God. Fans break down because they’re manmade and cucumbers become pickles by choice, but God He is unchanging. I have been fans, pickles, and even ice cold. However, I have learned over the years, I can cool an argument much better by allowing Gods breath to breathe on a situation. The easiest way to do it is to be quiet wait for the time to speak. At that time is when you have the wind of God as your backup. Choose which cool you want to be. Cool as…its always a choice. #breezy


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