Yesterdays new

I remember in elementary school I was called names. Ages 9 and 10 were the ages I held over 5 different names but consistent year to year. I’m not talking Alias or legal name not even nicknames, I’m talking the names that tease your style, designer face, tailored hair, or choicy intelligence. The names that other people used to define the face God designed for me, the hair He chose, the intelligence He Himself picked out, even the way I myself chose to dress using the CHOICE He gave me. In all the teasing I never knew where I got the real things.
I had some inkling because my mom would remind me God made me beautiful He gave me my beautiful skin color and small frame. However, I still heard the other definitions ring in my ears, breath against my face, and hands in my hair, far above the warmth and truth of my moms reassurance. Bullying was happening then yet, I knew not what that was, and yet I still managed to become this great me.
BUT…even today I receive names that are contrary to who I really am. Am I being bullied? Maybe not since its not consistent but inconsistent and in words only not action. Names have so much energy in them and sometimes when they’re spoken they feel like actions. Actions can move the object or person they are aimed at even if the person doesn’t move. If a word causes a tear to fall then I would say I’m moved. Not from my physical seated position but from my mental seated position. I’ve been moved by the word Hypocrite! Wow…that’s a strong word. So I think, am I? Oh I can never be so self centered to think I have no flaws and can never act like the names someone else uses to describe me. BUT I can define myself by the dictionary that defines every part of my self, my real self. AND I can never be too spiritual that I think I’m always on the doing end when I tell someone else not to do. So I ask myself, am I a hypocrite? Is it in my dictionary or is it a word that I wrote on the blank note page in the back, or maybe its just a word…I believe its just a Word if we are talking about the very things I believe and live by. BUT it has been written on the page in back of the book. If I’ve ever said clean it, eat it, do it, write it, make it, and so on and I myself haven’t done it…I would be or have been a hypocrite. I guess there is truth in some names if we take the time to define them by individual actions or words and not by the very tailor designed spirit mind and body we truly are. I believe God, live according to His love will and way, received Christ and all His being, strive to think like Christ, refusing to sin resisting the devil, BUT sometimes I say clean what I won’t clean, make what I won’t make, listen what I won’t listen to, eat what I won’t eat, so I guess I can be hypocritical in terms of acting hypocritical. I guess I could say “no big deal”..well no! I cannot and will not and you should not because, let all our yes’ be yes and our nos’ be no. Either I’m a line or a circle, a fish or a lion, a apple or a onion. There’s no gray, I’m one way, in my dictionary there are definite words not so so ones. I am one way N Gods way, and whatever tries to attach itself, whatever words try to force themselves on my blank page, will be erased by a force that cannot be reckoned with. TODAY the Holy Spirit erase those names from that page and I am only who God says I am. Names…a Royal Priesthood, a Son, a Kingdom walking, delivered, Loved, set a part, Holy, I AM a God desgned tailor made woman who accepts no other name than Child of the most high, heir, friend, fearfully and wonderfully made…you hear it? Your name is in there too, so allow the Holy Spirit to erase all others and live up to the one specifically chosen for you, I know I will! It takes a Christian to be real and admit the name, erase the name, and even tear out the page! Riiiiiip!!! Mine has just been torn!


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