Sleep where art thou?

I guess I am mistaken, thinking I would sleep after 8oz coffee and homework cramming! Arrrr! Not happening! Mind is still speeding through chapters 15 n 16 while silently singing “Break Every Chain”, rocking 1 year old, and praying! Where they do that at? Lol down in Geismar on Community Coffee, Chicory Blend Road! Oh my the fingers won’t move any faster yet my mind is babbling on. Why snore, I’m hungry, can’t wait til church on Sunday, there is power, 81 out of 1000 teens getting pregnant, should I eat something aaaaaahhh, just GO TO SLEEP!!! Lmbo that caffeine is real, well after I crash for 5 minutes right after drinking three gulps. Everytime I drink coffee to stay awake, I crash first, really? But on the real, I literally crashed tonight!!! I remember reading and next thing I know is THUMP, OW!! Bashed my head on edge of desk, oh Lord take the pain away, no swelling in Jesus name! Lol I immediately became alert heart beat sped up and I have been crunk ever since! Oh the Community Coffee its so lovely when it visits but… good night!


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