We mustgrow up or else…

Before getting into my vehicle I noticed my reflection showed me in my youth. I know that the age of this body is heading towards 34 years yet my mind renews daily and my spirit is eternal. Even with the knowing I became confused and mentally stranded pondering the thought of maturity. Not aging by the year maturity but actually ascending to a height of grown up status with grown ways. Either we mature and become responsible adults or else. Or else we forfeit the ability to be wise, use wisdom, or pass it on. We forfeit the ability to create legacies, prepare a greater future, and burn paths for our children. Moms and dads need to see the severity in being immature but aging otherwise. Grow up or else you will forfeit the right to be a responsible parent you were created to be. Grow up or else you forfeit your kids the ability to be wise, use their wisdom, and pass it on. Black, white, hispanic, asian, german, dominican, doesn’t matter the nationality, race, color, or culture. We are created to GROW UP! Grow up or else…

So Much To Say…

I am truly a talker by pen, I love to talk so much that my fingers get tired, my spelling goes wild, and notebooks become overwhelmed. But hey what can I say other than I have so much to say! I like to hold things in because sometimes its better to be quiet. I know I know I’m quiet if I don’t put a voice to the words, however, words do speak loud just listen!
All caps and that means yelling, I LOVE IT! I have the ability to speak and say what I want yell it if need be and not be subjected to the immediate crowd stares or stank face when I say…



More about love…the awe and the wows… to be engulfed in it, taken over under and hostage by it. Love to be and to be in, its just so amazing in its form a form that was formed before I was formed. Love the meaning The Who The What and The why. Why, because THE meaning THE What and The Why… The truth is He loved us first. And… I love Him back.

Treasure Swapping!

Treasure swapping sounds like fun if it included the exchange of precious jewels, rare stones, and gold. But when I speak of treasure I speak of the most precious treasure of any treasure, the treasure of virginity. Virginity and its worthiness, substance, and significance are a rare jewel in the chest of all boys and girls. Virginity is worth more than gold! I even wrote a story about it! I won’t tell it right now but in the very near future you will experience an understanding on a level you may have never ventured. Don’t Believe Me Just Watch!


Am I A Carrier?

Am I a carrier? Not a mail carrier, not an Aircraft Carrier, not a carrier of some disease or plague; am I a carrier of materials needed to join people to Christ?
Someone once said “You won’t know who you are until you know Jesus” (DM) I could not and would not be a carrier without knowing who I service for input or export.
Once I know my source (Jesus) then I can pick up materials and be a carrier to those who need them and in turn be a part of a full bodied system that supports each end.
I say we should be and I will be a carrier of essential materials that will join my source to the unsupported!

Its all about bringing Jesus and bringing people! I will be a carrier, I will bring it!