Poverty- Inside Out

Which would you choose poverty inside or out? I say neither even though at some point I have pondered one or the other. Either way is a choice that can be changed if we choose to ignore poverty who screams to be chosen. Why would I or anyone else ponder or truly give thought to a thing such as poverty? Is it because on the inside I hate it but I love the look it portrays on the outside? Is it a look, is it really like a pair of shoes or shingles on a roof? Maybe its because others will feel sympathy and walk pass empathy to give to me what I do not have but need or want? I say no! I do not like the look of it not even the missing screws from my bike or the dead flowers in my yard. So I will dress it out and keep it in, or should I say I will tend to my flowers plant new ones, buy a new car, and cry on the inside because I have no future. Inside out is poverty’s name. Whether u dress it up or strip it naked its there. So what do I do? What do you do when there is almost no hope in any of the doo doo? I say But God! I say WOW to Jesus who became our inside out so that we can be the opposite no matter what! I say cut me open and you will see the type of gold you have never seen. Peel back the outer peel and see what appearsz to be a gem you have never seen! Riches that have yet to pierce my flesh from the inside out. When my inside becomes my outside then will I be better able to inject and infect others with rich so that their inside become void of poverty and filled with true riches that will seep then pore from their inside to out. No matter what it look like, Money Cometh is God given if we accept it not just for ourselves but to give it and help others. Ijs


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