Who Taught You To Fish

Everyday we live out the product we produce that was produced in us during production of of childhood or young adulthood. Someone assisted in our production whether its a parent or guardian, someone influenced the way we live today. We are products of the environment we were reared in, we were taught to “fish”.
College, Jobs, Sofas, Streets, Military, no matter the way we choose as an adult; we will began to use fishing methods. We use what we have learned to determine who we will follow, listen to, even speak to or interact with. For example, if mom and dad taught you that poverty was a terrible thing, you should never have anything to do with it, and those who are poverish made wrong choices; you now make money anyway you can, you rarely given, you look down on others, and your motto is “Do it for yourself, make the right choice!”
Well unfortunately, your product is a little defective so you may have a hard time producing eveything you want. You fish for yourself only, fish for ways to help yourself, and fishing to secure your future. The future of others are not your responsibility you believe they can fish for themselves.
There are various types of fishers and various things that people fish for. But there is an elite group of fishers. There is a group of fishers that were produced to fish for other. They learn to fish out those who need to learn how to fish or fish for those who cannot fish for themselves. The elite group is a product of Christ only. They are not a product of their physical environment.
This elite group of fishers use the product of love. Love was produced in them by The Love Producer and the entire production process included Love as the main ingredient. When they go out to fish for people or fish for people they use love as the lure. At the same time they allow themselves to be a lure that is used by The Holy Spirit who connects them as a pole to the Son Jesus Christ who stands in the Boat or on the Boat who is GOD! The Trinity God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, are the connection we need in order to be a product of love, to produce love, and fish for more fishers to love so they can LOVE.
I vow to be a fisher of men and not of things, titles, self security, or fame. I vow to be a fisher that fishes for those who need to learn fishing or who need a fisher. #toloveistodo #toloveistodietoself #toloveistobeafisherFORCHRIST


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