Order in the court

Why is it that Christians are more judgmental than the heathen? How can we claim love and the love of God does not judge. Yet those who walk around void of Christ will reach bout to help before prompting their tongues to shoot critique at another. Bullets of insult, bashing, and stupidity are flying through the aid with no particular targets and we wonder why there is so much violence. Maybe when those mouth guns are banded from the streets then the iron guns will disappear as well. Who are we to judge before The judge can judge. The fault of another is not a case handled in our courtroom. The only cases we take should be those that entail the violence, cruelty , and irreverence we have in our own lives. Heathens are sinners and they love this world, but when they see a sufferer they help out. When a Christian see a sufferer he bails out. The system some of us operate under is so corrupt. We must get some order in the courtroom and stay in line with the spiritual law of Christ. LOVE!!!


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