Witness to Witness

How can I witness if I am never a witness? Not in the courtroom, that’s mere earthly confusion always in need of spiritual judgment. But I’m speaking of the witness that sees all the good that is produced from the death burial and resurrection of Christ. I have been a witness in many cases but there is one major one I want to be on for! I want to be a confirmed witness, a witness that can always see truth beyond lies. God saved me from hell after death, I witnessed Him being my Savior. God gave me His spirit to live on the inside of me, I witnessed Him becoming a living powerful being in me. God delivered me from some sinful things, I witnessed Him being a deliverer. God healed my body on more than one occasion, I witnessed Him bring a healer. God gave me joy in middle of complete hell, I witnessed His peaceable characteristic in my flesh. But! But how can I witness to someone on trusting for financial deliverance if I have not witnessed His deliverance for myself? I must witness it in order to be a witness and witness to others. God has allowed me to witness in other areas , so I know He will call me to the stand about my finances. He will allow me to witness Him as my financial deliverer. Then I will be a witness on the stand to witness to others. I wait anxiously not patiently, because God is a right now God! #smyg #moneycometh #anxiouslywaiting #extremelove


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