Ears to hear

Have you accepted your “ears to hear”? Not those flesh ears you use to eaves drop on your boss, but your inner ear. There are ears within your ears that able to hear what’s being said beyond what’s really being said. For example, a boy walks up and ask you for .50 and you hear just that. But those inner ears are so in tuned with God that they give you what’s really being said. You hear, “My moms out of work, my dad is ill, we have no food at home, and I just want a candy bar so we can all split it.” Now those inner ears don’t come with volume but they come with snooze. You can hear what is being said or refuse to “hear” what is being said. If you only consider your well being then you already have bad connection with your ears, your hearing is already poor. However, if you love to love people and hear their stories from Gods point of view, then you can tune in properly and listen all day. God gave you those set of ears and like with everything else He gives, there is a choice. You can choose to accept what you hear, or you can decline the invitation and live in a world of unheard.


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