It feels good when you wait!

It feels good to wait no matter what you’re expecting. A lady for her groom, a hungry man for his dinner, an athlete for his swallow of electrolytic drink. Regardless the expectation it’s just darn right good to wait. Time is given to produce the taste, the feeling, and other sensual activity before the final arrival.
Do you think it’s safe to say that if you needed something badly like as in an Emergency, that you would refuse to wait? Maybe you would refuse patience in order to get immediate gratification. Well, if you need it so badly how long can you wait for it? How long have you been waiting already? If you have waited for a while them wouldn’t you be able to continue in that position for a little longer?
It is possible to wait on something for as long as you think you don’t need it. (Think about that) it is possible to wait for something as long as you think you do not need it. The minute you think you are in need of it, then you will cut patience short and desire the thing more.
Well, maybe it’s best to wait because then you allow for a different outcome. You allow situational changes for the better, you may find out that the soup you rushes to get would have been better had it cooked a while longer.
Waiting on God is the same way, if you wait on Him it’s so much better. If you wait on Him to prepare the table, everything will be in order. The tablecloth ironed, utensils in proper place, glass spotless, food hot, and chair pulled out. He caters to the waiting position, He desires to serve you in best dining of life so it’s good to just wait. Don’t fix your own food and sit at any table, let the table that was prepared for you be your eating place. Not only will it feel good to wait but it taste good also!
Taste and see that The Lord is GOOD!


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