Who Asked You Anyway?

Why are you so concerned about others and the choices they make? Are you selfish in the fact that you want everyone life to be like ours? Should you give advice according to what you think is best and not allow the person to decide for themselves and learn from their own mistakes? What if you’re not asked for your advice, what if you’re just thinking about yourself and how it would please you to have someone else follow your example? Those what ifs are exactly why you’re answering questions that you weren’t asked and giving advice without summoned counsel. Who asked you anyway? Who told you to advise? Did you all of a sudden become the Holy Spirit and became endowed with the gift of knowing everything about everybody and the constant stream of all truth? Your answer is NO, but yes of course theres truth in it.
Spiritual gifts provide wisdom knowledge and insight into the lives of others that sometimes causes what seems like prodding without consent. That’s not it at all, God allows some to advise and give counsel to others without their knowledge or consent. He uses people to help people. So who asked you, God did!


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