What’s in you must Come Out!

What are you made of? What are we made of? Flesh and bone is the technical answer and a spirit is the spiritual answer. All that is true, however, what about the parts your flesh and spirit have added to themselves? The flesh enjoys grabbing ahold of those things that will give it temporary gratitude like, yelling at the man who pulled in front of you, or smacking your lips at the lady who has a basket full of groceries, even putting up the middle finger to ur boss behind his back. These all make the flesh feel satisfied or pleasures when in reality they attach as a leach to draw out the good and manifest bad. If they continue to leach you will dry up. That’s why grudges cause sickness and hate can cause death.
So what will you allow to leach on to what you’re made of. Will you allow a child’s lie to attach anger to you and hold for days until your head hurts? What will you allow to entangle itself with your spirit? Will you allow hate to mingle with love and act as if they can share spaces when in reality one will have to sit in the corner and watch. Hate can become a spiritual leach, a fly on your wall with access to the entire room free to roam and too fast for you to catch. So while you’re trying to enjoy your day, hate flies around and frustrates you enough until you began to swing out of control. Once you start that you lose reality that the fly is the smallest thing in the room and your love can suffocate it.
You are made of such greatness! You are made of a resources that can not be drawn from but can be given. You are made from a source that does not run out therefore can never run out of possibility. It is possible to rid yourself of anger, sin, disease, hate, etc. flesh and bone grows old and will decay but the greater you, your spirit will live on and it always has the upper hand. Swat the fly, smash the roach, close the hand that points the finger, allow your spirit to control the hand that will want to blow the horn.

You get my drift? Realize what you are made of and not what is trying to disguise itself as what you’re made of!


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