Frustrated for what?

Even though things get chaotic and like 5:00 traffic in your mind, it doesn’t give the go ahead for frustration. How can you keep your joy when you allow the thoughts of various needless things to cloud your mind? Frustration is caused by broken stop lights in your mind. The red lights are green and the green lights are red. Get a technician out to fix those broken traffic lights before you stress out.

Even though the thought of reading with your two kids or dusting that attic keep wanting to go the same route every 5 minutes, does not mean you have to allow it. Once you get the light fixed, when the thought comes again the yellow light will appear. You will have time to process the thought and either give a green light or keep at red. You organize the thought that are like traffic, you are in control of direction and speed. Now, by knowing that; why be frustrated? Just fix the lights and move on. Look in the master phone book (Bible) Call JESUS He’s great at helping to fix things like this. He offers training…


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